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Jun 12 2014

Safe Pet Tips for Summer


Summer is here. Now is the time to brush up on warm weather safety tips so you and your pet can both beat the heat and enjoy the sun! With warmer weather moving in, it is likely that both you and your pet are becoming more active. We want to share with you some of our ideas for you and your pet to stay safe and cool this summer.

1. Your pet needs shade or shelter when they are outdoors.
If your pet is outside, make sure that they have somewhere they can go that is shaded or provides them shelter. It’s important that they have an area where they can relax and cool down out of the sun if they begin to get too warm.

2. Make sure your pet has water.
Your pet needs ready access to fresh water. Heat can cause pets (and people) to dehydrate quickly, so a steady supply of water is a must. Change out the water when they go outside to keep their water supply fresh and to keep pests like mosquitoes from claiming it for themselves.

3. Bring your pet indoors during peak heat.
It’s good to let your pet outside for exercise, but when it starts to hit peak temperatures in the afternoon it’s best to bring them indoors. Heat stroke can happen very quickly and is brought on by extended exposure to high temperatures. If your pet is unable to come inside, it is important to make sure that they have both water and shelter so that they can cool down and stay out of the heat.

4. Set up a sprinkler.
If your pet enjoys playing in water and you are in an area where there is not a water watch, setting up a sprinkler is a great way for your pet to stay cool and have a little fun. An alternative to putting out a sprinkler is setting up a “kiddie” pool that your pet can use to practice their doggie paddle. If you opt for a small pool, make sure that the water is shallow enough that it does not pose a drowning risk for your pet.

5. Bring your pet in at night.
Dusk hours are prime time for pests like mosquitoes that can carry heartworm. When you bring your pet inside for the night give them a once over to make sure that they are not carrying ticks. Ticks can pose the risk of Lyme disease to your pet and can easily hitch a ride under your pet’s fur.

Above all else, enjoy the weather! Maybe you and your pet like to swim at the lake or go for a morning run. Whatever you do this summer, make sure that you both stay safe and take advantage of the nice weather!

These are just a few of our tips for a healthy, happy and safe summer for your pet. If you would like to get more ideas on pet safety, the ASPCA is a great resource. You can access a link to their page on summer pet safety here:

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