Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month at Blaine Area Pet Hospital!

Approximately 75% of dogs and cats over 3 years old have some degree of dental disease. This figure can be even higher in small breed dogs. Cats and dogs don’t really get cavities like humans do. They get a build-up of tartar around the gum line which can cause the gums to recede and lead to infection, which is painful for your pet. Dental disease has the potential to damage not only the teeth, but bacteria at the gum line can enter the blood stream and affect internal organs.

Many owners forget to take a regular look inside their dog or cats mouth, but you should! If your dog or cat has bad breath, heavy tartar build up or difficulty eating hard treats, these are likely signs of dental disease. If you have noticed any of these problems, we recommend bringing your pet to the veterinarians at Blaine Area Pet Hospital to determine if they would benefit from a dental cleaning.

Plus, free at home dental care kit with every cleaning!

At the Blaine Area Pet Hospital, we proudly strive to offer you and your pet the highest quality veterinary services possible. Serving Blaine, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake, Lino Lakes, Andover, Anoka, East Bethel and all of the surrounding metro area cities. Please call our office with any questions, comments or concerns regarding your dog or cat.

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