Below are the most common questions we receive from clients regarding our services and pricing. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is a Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)?
A: A VCPR is the process of establishing a formal relationship with a veterinary healthcare facility and is legally required for the administration of vaccines, surgery, dental procedures, prescription drugs, etc. A VCPR is established through an annual examination with a BAPH veterinarian.

Q: Are you seeing new clients?
A: We are always taking new clients, and will do our best to best to get you on the schedule at a time that works best for you.

Q: Do you accept emergencies or take walk-in appointments?
A: We do our best to accommodate urgent visits, but please call the hospital prior to coming in. True emergencies should go to the nearest 24-hour ER hospital.

Q: What vaccines does my puppy need?
A: Simple question but a complex answer. The vaccines recommended for your puppy are based off a lifestyle/risk assessment that will be offered to you by our veterinarians at your puppy’s first visit.

Q: Why do I need an exam with a doctor?
A: A veterinarian client patient relationship (VCPR) is legally required to access most services available at Blaine Area Pet Hospital. Only a doctor can diagnose medical conditions and recommend a delivery of care plan.

Q: Can I get a Health Certificate for my dog/cat?
A: We will see pets for health certificates traveling within the United States and internationally. We do ask owners to do some research about health certificates and the airline they are flying prior to booking the appointment.

Q: Do you board pets?
A: We do not board dogs or cats.

Q: Does your hospital offer dentals or teeth cleanings?
A: Yes. Dental procedures, including teeth cleanings, are a full anesthetic procedure regardless of extractions, cleanings, or dental radiographs. A consultation with one of our veterinarians may be required first in order to book a dental procedure.

Q: Do you accept most pet insurances?
A: Pet insurance works a little differently than human medicine. Regardless of insurance company we will fill out diagnosis and provide copies of invoices as needed. Owners are required to submit the invoices/paperwork themselves. Reimbursement from your insurance company depends on individual plans.

Q: Do you see any exotic animals? IE: Guinea pigs, lizards, birds.
A: We do not see exotics; we are only equipped to treat dogs and cats.

Q: Do you perform grooming services?
A: We do not offer grooming but we will perform nail trims and anal gland expressions for existing clients.

Q: Does your practice offer any specialists? IE: Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeries.
A: We do work with mobile specialists for a variety of reasons such as radiologists who perform echocardiograms and ultrasounds, internal medicine vets who perform ultrasounds. Other specialties are available for referral. An exam with one of our doctors is required prior to booking any specialist to ensure we are providing the correct service for your pet.

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