Indoor Cats

With a few simple steps, your cat can have a happy and fulfilling life as a totally indoor cat. Indoor cats need appropriate access to clean litter areas and mental and physical enrichment.

The Blaine Area Pet Hospital Vets recommend one litter box for every cat in the household plus a spare. If you have a particularly large house, you might want to have a few more. The litter boxes should not be lined up in a single room or banished to a far corner of the basement. Instead, they should be in easily accessible locations but not in excessively high traffic areas. Downstairs a corner of the kitchen or laundry room usually works well. While upstairs, a bathroom or a corridor is usually appropriate. Remember to keep the doors open to allow the cats to enter. If the dog bothers the litter, try using a baby gate or a cat door.

Most cats prefer open style litter boxes with unscented litter. However every cat is an individual, your cat might prefer a closed box or perfumed litter. All cats prefer a clean litter box. We recommend that the box be scooped at least once a day and completely cleaned weekly.

At the Blaine Area Pet Hospital, we proudly strive to offer you and your pet the highest quality veterinary services possible. Serving Blaine, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake, Lino Lakes, Andover, Anoka, East Bethel and all of the surrounding metro area cities. Please call our office with any questions, comments or concerns regarding your dog or cat.

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