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Blaine Area Pet Hospital Veterinary Visits

Next to your family, your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your pet’s life. You should identify a veterinarian for your new pet before you bring it home and arrange for a first appointment as soon as possible. The first vet visit the Blaine Area Pet Hospital gives an opportunity to establish your pet’s baseline level of health and identify any potential long-term or chronic health problems. This visit can confirm the health status identified when you purchased your pet.

When you meet with the veterinarian and veterinary technician here at the pet hospital, be sure to discuss your daily care routines, home environment, and any anticipated problems or concerns you may have. Please ask questions about any behavior which you need more information, as well as grooming recommendations, including nail trimming. The veterinarian will examine your pet to ensure healthy bones, joints and muscles, as well as heart, eye, and ear health. The veterinarian will also recommend appropriate lab tests to evaluate the health of your pet.

Your pet may experience some stress going to the veterinary office. The best way to alleviate this is with positive reinforcement, attention, and happy visits. Stop into our office with your dog a few times when it doesn’t need to be examined so your dog can associate the clinic and staff with positive experiences. Praise your pet when it behaves well at the vet’s office. Take some treats to keep your pet happy and encourage their cooperation. Fortunately, the veterinary technician and veterinarian staff is experienced at handling pets of all kinds and will likely make your job much easier.

After the first visit and your pet’s initial vaccinations, you should plan on having your pet checked by the veterinarian at least yearly. You may need to go more frequently depending on your veterinarian’s recommendations and the health of your pet.