Wellness Testing

Regular tests help us to find hidden diseases that may not be evident on a physical exam.  Often times this early detection allows us to treat or prevent progression of disease before your pet acts sick. Performing all of these tests when a pet is sick is critical to get the information right away, but when we do not need the information stat, we can reduce some costs.

For dogs:

  • up to 7 years of age we recommend a Chemistry and Heartworm test yearly.
  • 7 years of age and older we recommend a Chemistry, Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Heartworm test yearly.

For cats:

  • up to 7 years of age we recommend a Chemistry.
  • 7 years of age and older we recommend a Chemistry and a Complete Blood Count (CBC).

We check the Chemistry for:

Liver Enzymes: Early detection for liver disease, gastrointestinal disease, and proper liver function.

Kidney Enzymes: Early detection for disease, some cancers, toxicities, and blood loss.

Early detection for Diabetes and Liver disease.

Electrolytes: Early detection for Addison’ disease, kidney disease and dehydration.

Thyroid: Early detection for thyroid disease; an increase may indicate hyperthyroidism (primarily seen in dogs).

We check the Complete Blood Count (CBC) for:  Iron deficiency, blood loss, anemia, blood parasites, leukemia, infections, immune-mediated diseases, inflammation and tick borne diseases.

Urinalysis (UA): A urinalysis is a laboratory test of urine commonly referred to as a “UA”. The urine is evaluated for the presence of certain chemicals. A microscopic exam of the urine is also done to look for abnormalities.

Heartworm Antigen testing: This test will indicate if your dog currently has Heartworm Disease.

Fecal Test: This test checks for intestinal parasite eggs. A yearly fecal test is recommended for both dogs and cats.

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